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Confidential. Simple. Fast.

STI Testing, Women's Health and PrEP

TonTest offers STI testing, PrEP follow-up and women's health services in a timely, hassle-free and completely confidential manner.

YourTest: Simple and Confidential

How does it work?

  1. Questionnaire

    Answer our medical questionnaire as clearly as possible so that we can get to know you better and complete your file.

  2. Test samples

    Once you have completed your file, you will receive the prescription for your sample, if necessary, directly in your file.

  3. Results and treatment

    After you have been tested, your results will be added to your file. Based on the diagnosis, a specific treatment will be prescribed and sent directly to your pharmacy.

YourTest, at your pace

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Complete the online questionnaire at your convenience, and our team of professionals will guide you through each step.

STIs Screening

Women's / Men's health

PrEP Service

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