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Privacy Policy 

Privacy and Personal Information Protection Policy

Last Revised: August 2, 2021 

*Please read the following policy attentively. The present policy is an integral part of the website‚Äôs Terms¬† and Conditions of Use (the ‚ÄúTerms‚ÄĚ). For the purposes hereof, any term defined in the Terms and used in¬† this policy shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the Terms.¬†

This privacy and confidentiality policy (the "Policy") governs the collection, use and confidentiality of your  personal information in connection with your use of the Site including the Service. 

This Policy may be changed at the discretion of MediTest. All changes to the Policy will become effective  on the day of the same being posted online. Reasonable notice will be sent to any User who has an account  with MediTest to advise of any changes to the Policy; however, it is your responsibility to review the Terms  from time to time. 

Please note that the use of the masculine gender in the Terms is for convenience only. 

By using the Site (or the Service), you declare that you read and understood these provisions and agree¬† to be bound by the Policy. If you have any questions regarding the Policy, please contact us by email at¬† [email protected].¬†

What is Personal Information? 

A personal information is a factual or subjective information about an individual that allows the individual  to be identified or located or contacted if the information is used alone or in combination with other  information. Personal information may include in particular, but are not limited to: 

- First and last name; 

- Home or other physical address; 

- Email address and/or telephone number or another online identifier requiring a  username/password; 

- Provincial health insurance number; 

- Financial or payment card details; 

- Date of birth; 

- Health information (including but not limited to medical history, clinical notes, assessments,  mental or physical condition, treatments); 

- Photo of you or a part of your body. 

Access and Use of Personal Information 

MediTest accesses personal information you provide via the Site and will make all or a portion of these personal information available to its doctors, nurses, staff, licensors or authorized third party, only to the  extent that access is necessary.

The information, described below, may be shared with MediTest’s hosting provider or other information  technology service provider. In addition, your personal information may be shared for emergency  purposes with a public authority or within a law enforcement request or for the health and safety of  yourself or someone else. 

MediTest limits the access and use of personal information to what is necessary for the purposes outlined  below: 

- Creating and maintaining an account and benefiting from the Service; 

- Confirm your identity, including for billing purposes; 

- Contact you and personalize the Service; 

- Conduct market research to better meet the needs of the User; 

- Monitor the activity on our Site in an effort to detect and prevent fraud; 

- Improve the Site and the Service, and the customer service of MediTest; 

- Comply with legal and regulatory requirements; 

- Use, copy, keep, adapt or make derivative works, transmit or display, any picture provided by the¬† User in the context of the Service, in such a way where you cannot be identified; - Improve machine learning and artificial intelligence software. You may opt out of having your¬† photographs used for such purposes by contacting [email protected];¬†

- Send you electronic newsletters or marketing e-mails as per your indication when creating your  account. You may opt out of receiving such correspondence at any time by using the hyperlink  included in those newsletter and marketing e-mails. 

As part of the payment of the Service by the online payment platform Stripe used by MediTest, your  first and last name, physical address, email address, and credit card numbers will be collected in  accordance with the privacy and personal information protection terms of Stripe. Please review the  applicable provisions and ensure that you are fully compliant with such provisions. 

You shall at all time keep your payment information confidential and avoid to provide it by e-mail,  SMS or social media. To protect this data, please send such details only through online payment platform Stripe. 

Personal information such as the device‚Äôs I.P. address, standard data from internet log files, the name¬† and language of your browser, the address and frequency of visited sites, including sites using¬† different types of cookies and conversion tags or other similar metadata (the ‚ÄúTechnical Data‚ÄĚ) may¬† be used and transferred to MediTest‚Äôs licensors, subcontractors and hosting partners (such partners¬† are located in Canada and must respect privacy and data protection legislation related to personal¬† information collected and used in Canada). MediTest has also undertaken reasonable steps to ensure¬† that such Technical Data shared with such persons are subject to appropriate confidentiality¬† agreements with MediTest to prevent the storage, sale or sharing of Technical Data.¬†¬†

Security of Personal Information 

MediTest applies physical, organizational, and technological security measures to protect your personal  information from unauthorized access, disclosure, copying or changes, and against loss or theft.  MediTest’s computer systems, including MediTest’s licensor’s, subcontractor’s and hosting provider’s  systems from whom MediTest purchases material, software, networks, storage space and related 

technologies to ensure the operation and maintenance of the website and the service, are password  protected and configured to ensure only the individuals which shall access the personal information or  Technical Data for the performance of their duties for MediTest, are authorized to access MediTest’s  systems and secured databases. 

The databases are kept in a browser and encrypted via the SSH protocol. The databases of the Site are  encrypted via the SSL protocol (https). MediTest ensures access to these databases is limited to its  employees, doctors, professionals, and the employees of the storage and hosting provider to whom an  access is necessary to operate the Site. 

Security Breach 

In the event of a breach of MediTest’s security measures resulting in unauthorized access to your personal  information, MediTest undertakes to report such a breach to the Commission d’accès à l’information and  to notify you as soon as possible where such report will include a description of the personal information  affected if the breach presents a risk to you. In circumstances where a security breach presents a risk for  the User, MediTest shall inform you of the steps it intends to take to rectify the problem. 

Cookies and Social Media 

MediTest cannot view your computer’s profile or extract information from your hard drive. The default  settings of most browsers are set to accept cookies, but you can change the settings to block or limit their  use. 

Moreover, the Site includes functions related to social media. These functions may collect your IP address  and leave cookies in order to complete their function. These functions and social media widgets are  hosted by a third party. Your interactions with these functions are governed by the Privacy and Personal  Information Protection Policy of the company providing the function. 

Cookies may be used to protect access to your account. These cookies maintain session integrity and  provide enhanced security, preventing unauthorized access to your account. 

Confidentiality and ethics 

MediTest will not process personal information for any other purpose or in a way which does not comply¬† with data protection and privacy legislation as enforced in Quebec. MediTest will update, change, amend,¬† transfer or delete personal information stored by MediTest upon written request to [email protected].¬†

MediTest will not sell, rent, disclose or share your personal information to third parties, nor will MediTest use or disclose your personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected,  without your consent and as described in the Policy. 

MediTest shall comply with all requests to stop processing your personal information, including your¬† request to stop receiving electronic marketing communications, within a reasonable period, upon¬† reception of your written request. Such requests must be made via email to [email protected].¬†

MediTest declares that it has obtained an undertaking from each person who has access to your personal  information to maintain the strict confidentiality of that personal information and to use it only in  accordance with MediTest's instructions.

Additional Rights 

If you make a request to MediTest to delete your personal information, MediTest will do so within a¬† reasonable period of time, subject to any obligation to retain certain personal information to comply with¬† applicable laws (including, but not limited to, rules of medical ethics). In such a situation, your personal¬† information will be stored securely in accordance with applicable legislation. If your personal information¬† is inaccurate or has not been updated, it is your liability to correct or update it directly in your account.¬† You may also contact us at [email protected] to inform us of the personal information that needs to be¬† changed or updated. You also have the right to access to the information that MediTest has on file about¬† you in an easy-to-read format. You may access your information either by signing in to your account and¬† consulting your file or contacting us to obtain a copy of your information in another format.¬†

Contact Us 

Should you have any further questions or concerns about this Policy, or wish to exercise any of your¬† additional rights as mentioned above, we invite you to contact the data privacy officer at [email protected] or at 201-6535, rue des Alpes, Trois-Rivi√®res (Qu√©bec) G9C 0L8.¬†


In case of any discrepancy between the French and English versions of this Policy, the French version shall  prevail.